Project Name : File Searching Tool
Implementation : Java
Project Description : This is my first large program written in Java. Its a basic file searching tool in windows. Given a filename it searches the hard drive and finds the location. Looking back, Though it does not looks like a professional application, It helped me in improving my ability to think differently in programming, I still consider this program as my biggest achievement.


Project Name : File Searching Tool
Implementation : C#
Project Description : This is an alternate software to Windows default file searching tool. Unlike previous application it uses Lucene open source library for indexing various metadata attributes like version, editor, album, artist, and author of the documents. As a result, It gives better search results within no time. By developing this application I explored the idea of plugin architectures in software(firefox), The true use of interfaces in object oriented programming languages. I consider this as my second step towards getting broader perception towards programming and UI design.

Extendable Desktop Search

Project Name : Detective 007
Implementation : C#, Win32 API
Project Description : I always wanted to explore the low level operating system details, Yet enjoy the benefits of a high level programmer. So, This application is one such example. It is developed to understand the Windows operating system functionality from a low level perspective. It logs all the keystrokes, monitors currently running application activity, their opened files (created, deleted, modified) etc on the fly.


Project Name : VinSim
Implementation : Javascript, Canvas [On Going]
Project Description : This project is a browser based circuit simulator implemented completely in Javascript. The purpose of the project it to create a browser based ‘run anywhere’ circuit simulator.


Project Name : Find
Implementation : C, Win32 API
Project Description : It implements a subset of Unix’s versatile find command for Windows

Project Name : PE Explorer
Implementation : C, Win32 API
Project Description : The main aim of this project is to understand the internal format of an EXE file. It has complete implementation to work with the import export tables, images, icons, strings of executables

Implementation : JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Project Description : Checking PNR status in used to be a painfull experience. The 10 digit pnr is split into two fields and the user is expected to enter first 7 digits in first field and next 3 digits in second field, In the meanwhile if you are unlucky the site will throw unnecessary popups saying ‘invalid pnr number entered’. This extension was developed to fix this issue by showing the user with a single textfield to enter the complete pnr in one go. Thankfully now they have realised and replaced 2 text fields with one field.

My first google chrome extension2015-11-13_101115

Project Name : Mashable App
Implementation : Java, Android
Project Description : This app fetches relevant feeds from different online sources(blogs), tweets, facebook posts based on a specific subject. It uses custom widgets



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