The Anatomy of Information Technology

The title is ‘The Anatomy of Computer Science Information Technology’ and I would like to talk about it in-general from technical point of view. As being an Information Technology graduate its always good to know what it is. Many people often ask me following questions
  1. “What is JQuery ? Is it mandatory to learn JavaScript to use JQuery?”
  2. “What is Win32 Api ? Can I develop sneeky GUI interfaces in it?”
  3. “In which language this piece of software might have been created?”
  4. “How do we create such effects in web pages? Is it done is photoshop or dreamweaver?”
  5. “What technology is right for particular task?”
  6. “How to write a virus program in Java?” 
  7. “bla……bla……e.t.c”
Though I may not give all the answers to the above questions in this article, but I am particularly excited to present you how we can classify various technologies that exist in todays market and their pros and cons.
The classification was done based on the platform and the type of development we do to accomplish the task.
Fundamentals are always important, today though we have ever growing gigantic frameworks to help us, Its always good to be aware of how the same task can be done without those frameworks. This is particularly true with JQuery. JQuery is an extension library to JavaScript. It only contains some easier functions to help program mundane JavaScript tasks. Though I don’t recommend you to be a black belt in JavaScript its good to know what it is and its +ves and -ves.
Get to know what is what with all the technologies. If you look at 4th question first of all we should know what will be done with photoshop and dream weaver. Then the answer is simple.
Choosing the right technology and tools plays an important role in fulfilling the task. If you look at the 6th question, small viruses can be written in Java but it is not the right one to choose, Because Java wont help us in querying low level system details(what are all the processes running on the current machine? Injecting malicious code in to winlogon process e.t.c)
Similarly Win32 api is a collection of low level windows system functions mainly suitable for writing windows drivers, Even though we can create GUI with it its not cake walk to code sneeky GUI interfaces like Windows Media Player, Kaspersky e.t.c in it.
I have not considered some of the technologies data exchange formats like XML, JSON e.t.c and ignored the description of all the software involved in the development process like Netbeans,Eclipse,Visual Studio,Tomcat,JBoss e.t.c

The above discussion is completely my own opinions and understandings. Please correct me If I was wrong. Please comment to the post if you have any queries related to a particular technology.