Git Talk

It is no surprise that Git took the world of source control management by storm since its inception in 2005. For people wondering about what I am talking here, Let me give some context first. Generally, Any reasonably sized source code project needs some sort of ‘change tracking software’ about all the changes/modifications made to it by its authors/programmers. This is where the concept of Source Control Management(SCM) comes in to picture. The idea is nothing new at all. Git is just one such SCM but with some radical ideas built from the grounds up. Ofcourse, These ideas sets it apart from its predecessors.

Most people find Git daunting at the first time. In fact I felt the same. But trust me once you get used to the basic concepts in it you will never be the same again. You will start appreciating the beauty and its elegance. So here is my take on it and hope you learn and enjoy it. In this presentation I assumed no prior knowledge about Git and tried my best to illustrate the concepts as simple as possible. The presentation has animations so I request you to use Arrow keys(←,→)

Git is the swift army knife of source control management. I am just scratching the surface here.
Yes I love Green on Black, After all, I was an Nvidian and Git is in my veins 😉

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