This is how I code with sublime text

It is so true that many of us hate doing repetitive tasks. Recently I have to code a bunch of stuff which involved mundane manual editing. To help you understand the situation, I have a set of comma separated strings(left) and I have to convert each of them to the right side view(C# properties). The list of strings I have to work with was horribly long.
This time I turned my attention to Sublime text. Sublime text and most modern text editors have a feature called multi cursor/multi selection editing. What this enables us to do is, create multiple cursors instead of traditional single cursor editing. Sublime text of course has the superior support when it comes to this feature. In essence, With multiple cursors you can edit multiple regions of the document simultaneously! Multiple cursors can be created manually by Ctrl+Mouse Click.
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How to get back classic start menu in Windows 8?

ClassicShellLogoWindows 8 onwards the classic start menu was replaced with Start Screen. Most of the functionality that was present in original start menu was missing in start screen and power users love to hate it. Fortunately ‘classic shell‘ from is an attempt to bring back the original classic start menu functionality to Windows 8+
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