How do I backup my Photos Videos and Stuff?

FreeFileSyncIf you ever create backups of your videos, photos, software to external hard drive then FreeFileSync is __the__ application to use period. It relieves you from the hassle of resolving conflicts during manual backups. I have been using it from ages(since 2008) and hands down its the best in its class.

Using it is very simple. Just connect your external drive and open the application and just follow the counters(1,2,3…) illustrated in the below screenshot.

  1. Select source folder
  2. Select destination folder
  3. Click compare and review the results
  4. Click Synchronize

This application offer very fine grained control over your backup process. So to keep it simple I mostly set Sync mode to Mirror. In this mode, the destination will be an exact copy of the source folders.

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