Who is consuming my disk space?

Many times after using your PC for awhile, we will realize that the disk space is very less and its being consumed by some unknown files/programs. Windows do not provide any tool to find such files. But, fortunately, here is a little tool WizTree which does that.

Using the tool is pretty straight forward, Run it and select the drive and click Scan. Within no time, it will populate the below tree view by sorting the largest files at the top.WizTree Results After the scan, Any user files which we think are not useful can be deleted to regain the disk space.

NOTE: This tool use NTFS MFT table to quickly parse the on-disk file/directories rather than time consuming scan of the entire hard disk for locating largest files. So it will not work on non-NTFS drives like fat/fat32 volumes(Anyhow, who uses them these days!). For folks who are still using FAT32 drives you can use WinDirStat

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