How to install OpenGrok on Windows(and Linux)?

OpenGrokTo successfully setup OpenGrok, We need to perform two steps.
First, Indexing the actual source code and then setting up the opengrok web interface to navigate the indexed code. So before we jump in, first download below software

  1. Java JRE
  2. Ctags
  3. OpenGrok
  4. Tomcat (msi is preferable)

Install Java(update PATH), Extract Ctags to D:\ctags\ and extract Opengrok package to d:\opengrok\
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Why does Java support multiple inheritance only with interfaces?

As many of us know Java does not support inheriting from multiple classes and it does support inheriting from multiple interfaces. The less known fact is, what made Java designers to make this choice. In this article I would like to provide my understanding of the issues encountered and the trade offs taken when multiple inheritance is allowed at class level.
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