My first google chrome extension

Have you ever visited Indian railway PNR status enquiry page. Truth be told its a UX disaster.

Why I hate it

  1. Don’t know why they splited PNR in to 2 parts and provided 2 text fields to enter. Basic principle in user interface design – Keep It Simple Stupid
  2. Even before we enter the 10 digit PNR we get almost 2-3 popup(if u r lucky!!!)
Digging to solve the problem led me to write a chrome extension.
So a clean solution to those who are using google chrome.
  1. Make those two fields in to one
  2. No popups – I know what to enter 😉
here is before extension
here is after chrome extension

Here is the complete extension code:

UPDATE(Sun Mar 06 2016 16:27:57 IST): The website is now fixed properly :)

3 thoughts on “My first google chrome extension

  1. Yeah Vineel..
    I always used to think ,y Indian Railway have 2 boxes to enter the PNR and making things compliated…
    Appreciate ur idea and also the fix..


  2. I hate the Indian Railways shitty website, designed or dictated bureaucratic arse holes. Apart from the irritating pop-ups, the whole site is a nightmare to use. God save this inefficient country! Maybe a few intelligent guys like can, after all! Thanks, I loved your Chrome extension!


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