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Hi, Vineel here, Works for Microsoft. Content/views presented here are only mine not my employer. Areas of interest: Operating Systems/Compilers
Jan 27, 2018

It talks about how PDB files play a crutial role in debugging and in mapping binary file with its source code

Jun 24, 2017

It talks about why we have to use .process /i instead of .process /r /p when setting usermode breakpoint when doing kernel debug in Windows

Sep 04, 2016

It talks about how breakpoints work in debuggers in general and Windbg specifically

Apr 09, 2016

It talks about the (very) basic steps involved in compilation process like Assembling/Linking etc and a brief introduction to reverse engineering exe files without source code

Mar 20, 2016

It talks about why basic emulators work and provides an implementation about Chip-8 emulator in Java

Feb 03, 2016

It talks about bootstraping on hacking OpenJDK code base